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The Inio service by NGI and KSAT

The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) and Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) launched Inio in 2024 to provide a designated and scalable commercial InSAR service in the Nordics. 


InSAR analysis and associated services are delivered by NGI and NGI scientists who have been providing InSAR-based consulting and research for almost two decades. During  this journey, NGI has built up extensive expertise and processing tools and workflows. The additional NGI expertise on ground-based remote sensing, sensor monitoring, and geotechnical consulting results in a truly comprehensive service.

Inio headquarters - Campus Ullevål

The Inio Team

Inio was formed upon its great people that share a common passion for remote sensing. We work as a close team with people from both NGI and KSAT towards for the same goal - our mission - to expand the value and use of InSAR in the Nordics and globally. To achieve this, the team is comprised of different roles ranging from InSAR scientists, project managers, key account holders, and scientific developers. 


People working directly on Inio from NGI and KSAT


Number of internal expert consultants and data analysts contributing to the Inio service 


Years delivering InSAR analytics for geotechnics

Get to know some of our passionate InSAR scientists

Dyre Dammann

Dyre Dammann

(PhD) Head of Remote Sensing


Dyre Dammann (PhD) is the coordinator of Inio and has a background developing satellite-based applications for different stakeholders with a particular focus on InSAR.

Regula Frauenfelder (PhD) Technical Expert NGI

Regula Frauenfelder

(PhD) Technical Expert


Regula is an experienced InSAR scientists with a broad background within natural hazards and remote sensing-based applications for controlling risk and to mitigation measures.

Gard Høivang, Scientific developer NGI

Gard Høivang

Scientific developer


Gard is a scientific developer with a M.S. in machine-learning-based interpretation of radar data. Gard is responsible for building our ML-based analytics of InSAR data. 

Georgia Karadimou - Project manager KSAT

Georgia Karadimou

EO Project Manager


Georgia Karadimou is an experienced InSAR scientist with a background in geology and is a key driver behind Inio.

Mehdi Darvishi (PhD) Project Scientist NGI

Mehdi Darvishi

(PhD) Project Scientist


Mehdi has several years experience with InSAR and ground-based measurements of surface displacement based on GNSS.

Sean Salazar (PhD) Senior Scientist NGI

Sean Salazar

(PhD) Senior Scientist


Sean is a remote sensing scientist experienced with InSAR and long-term ground-based interferometric monitoring of unstable areas. He is also an expert with mobile data acquisition and GNSS.

Malte Vöge

Malte Vöge

(PhD) Senior Specialist


Malte Vöge (PhD) is an experienced InSAR and computational scientist building up the core of the Inio processing chain.

Benjamin Lange (PhD) Senior Scientist NGI

Benjamin Lange

(PhD) Senior Scientist


Benjamin is an expert SAR scientist with a broad experience within integration of data from different platforms. Benjamin is responsible for integration of hyperspectral imagery within our InSAR projects.


Satellite data for InSAR analyses provided by KSAT

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) provides highly reliable communication services between space and ground based on an extensive global network of ground stations. KSAT is based in Tromsø, Norway, but with sites and antennas around the world.


KSAT is closely tied to the InSAR delivery through a close partnership with NGI.  KSAT delivers services derived from an extensive portfolio of commercial satellites including both Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and high-resolution optical satellite data. Combined with the perfectly positioned global ground station network, KSAT offers a unique end-to-end solution on coverage, resolution, price and monitoring frequency, delivered in just minutes after acquisition. This can be particularly important for early detection of critical movement.

KSAT Satellite station


Inio has a global presence through NGI and KSAT

Distributed offices in Scandinavia and also the US and Australia enables the ability to follow up projects on an international scale.  

Inio global offices


Inio Logo

Connecting Nordic competence and infrastructure for remote sensing

Inio is a global service providing remote sensing solutions to help understand and protect the earth we live on. This land monitoring service was developed by world-leading providers of geotechnical expertise (NGI) and earth observation (KSAT) both of whom share common roots in the north. 

Our Journey So Far



The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute was formed over 70 years ago as a non-profit foundation to build and ensure Norwegian competence within geotechnics - to ensure that people build and travel on safe ground.



A pioneer in the space sector since 1967 that introduced the near real-time concept within operational Earth Observation Services as early as the 1990’s, establishing the world's largest ground station, SvalSat on Svalbard in 1997.

Satellite Dish
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