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The tool with many applications

InSAR is indispensable for real-time insights and risk management across a range of dynamic environments and projects.

Inio delivers integral information across diverse sectors. We monitor infrastructure like bridges, roads and railroads and track construction projects to detect creep and subsidence to evaluate project impacts. 


In mining, we can track ground movements and help monitor risk to operations as well as surrounding areas. For mine tailings and hydro dams, we can monitor stability and movement as a result of external forcing conditions. In subsiding cities, we provide continuous monitoring and assess risks to the built environment.

Sensors, such as inclinometers, are also often placed in drilling holes, providing information about how surface displacement relates to deformation further down in the ground. 

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Monitoring services we offer

We conduct projects within a range of industries 

Mining Mountain

InSAR for mining applications

InSAR is a valuable tool for monitoring mining operations continuously over large areas.

Expanding into new markets by enhancing efficiency

Optimized deliverables in emerging markets

Inio is delivering services to the traditional end users of InSAR, such as the mining industry and transportation sectors. In addition, we are pursuing new markets which require efficient low-cost InSAR solutions spurring our efforts to enhance automation without compromising on quality

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